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Presidential Race thoughts

I like Obama. I like Clinton. I even like McCain. I’m happy. McCain will fight – and I don’t like war – but he will fight with practicality. He’s a real soldier, not a G.I. Joe doll like bush. Something will have to improve. I don’t think he’s as bought and sold to the current […]

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Electrical protection for toddlers – too interesting to leave alone

There are these little plastic protectors that go over electrical sockets to protect them from toddlers. This morning while vacuuming the vacuum suddenly stopped… and on the other end of the line, ampoule my son had yanked the cord and was replacing the plastic cover, mind presumably to keep it safe from babies. Technorati Tags: […]

Malls are for cars, not pedestrians ;(

I’ve lived in short walking distance from the Topanga Westfield mall for nearly a decade. I have been there literally hundreds of times with my daughter. They recently doubled the size of the mall, adding an Apple store, a 2-story carousel, a Target, and a bunch of amenities. The problem is, it has always been […]

Monetizing Podcasts & Videoblogs

A recent article I wrote, troche Monetizing Podcasts & Videoblogs, remedy was just published in Streaming Media magazine and has now been reprinted on “Any business built around podcasts and videoblogs has to start with the fundamentals: Compelling content that can be exchanged with an audience for their attention. Still, recipe the past two […]

Maker’s Faire Nash Exhibit – How it went

Hi, I’m Adam Stolarz, Damien’s brother and carputer hacker cohort. We just got done showing off our restored and computerized Nash at the Maker’s Faire. So I was in charge of demonstrating the Nash’s computer features and GUI, and quite a few people said they had seen the original Nash blurb page but didn’t feel […]

TransitTV – on Los Angeles’ Orange Line

I’ve been watching a bit of the evenly-bilingual TransitTV content since I’ve been commuting on the Los Angleles Orange Line across the San Fernando valley. I seem to be one of the few who uses a laptop/EVDO combination on LA rapid transit. The system cycles through a lot of short form content, weather, news clips […]

Save Net Radio, again (sigh)

In the early ’00s I had a company that developed P2P streaming software that powered Internet radio broadcasts. At that time, there was a big risk that Internet radio would get shut down. It didn’t – but it was burdened with regulations that made it pay MORE fees than terrestrial or satellite radio. (Net radio […]

A mid-century car with next-century features

Will you be coming to the Maker’s Faire? Technorati Tags: AMC, car pc, carputer, cars, damienstolarz, emerging technology, in-car computing, nash, nash ambassador, navigation, make, makersfaire, streetdeck, telematics

Make:-ing my 1950 Nash Ambassador roadworthy

Those who know me well know that my interest in hacking cars goes far earlier than CarBot / MP3Car /StreetDeck and now, The Walt Disney Company. I’ve been tinkering with my beautiful Nash Ambassador for about a decade, and in that time it’s had an engine upgrade, conversion from 6V to 12V system, added power […]

Astro: Garmin’s GPS for dogs

When I first read this post, I thought it was going to be a lojack for stolen dogs. Nope, it’s a system for tracking your “fleet” of dogs while hunting. It can even tell you if your dog is “on point” , sitting, running, or “treeing” (standing up against the tree). Garmin has an entire […]