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Why do mobile apps cost so much? (layman’s explanation)

Average software engineers (who earn $95-$120K a year depending on where they live and work) thus cost around $10,000 a month, give or take. Mobile apps take months to develop and deploy.

How to Communicate with Me

I recently sent an email to a friend explaining the best ways to get hold of me. Since I have been guilty in the past of communicating poorly with good friends who approached me on completely valid but underutilized (by me) means of communication (Aaron, Fleur – I am so sorry I never responded to your snail mail and I hope someday you will forgive me!), I thought I’d document my habits.

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Here’s how you load PDFs onto your iPad…

I’ve had several questions about this – there’s a nice page under “Apps” that lets you directly manage the documents loaded into individual applications on the iPad.

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secular apocalypse

I’ve been thinking recently (anthropologically) about human concerns about the future. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the global warming / climate change topic. For those who have studied comparative religion, there’s a term ‘apocalyptic’, which means, religions or denominations which focus on a postulated or predicted ‘end of days’. In early Christianity, for instance, there […]

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no news is good news!

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quotemark FAIL

Quote marks are still under assault by overenthusiastic punctuators. While they are often used incorrectly as emphasis, decease sometimes they mean absolutely nothing in context.

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Google Chrome Cracking Under the Pressure

Unreasonable expectations, treat just like every web browser before it… why does Google Chrome have to grow up so fast?* This is a real screenshot on Chrome OS X.

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How to lose weight by spending less

I recently went on a diet and lost 20 pounds in about 5 weeks (4I /22 to 5/29). I didn’t do a fad diet; I simply ate less. It turns out that it’s incredibly easy – and cheap – to lose weight. The trick is to eat a lot less than your currently eating, and […]

Booting off SSD (Solid State Drive)

Ok so now I’ve done a new thing with my two-drive Mac Book Pro. In my earlier post I installed a terabyte raid in my Mac Book, by removing the optical drive. I wanted to really accelerate boot time and application, but I also wanted to have lots of storage (the other 500GB) to store […]

Star Trek Movie – best movie of the summer, and I haven’t seen the others yet.

Ok maybe Harry Potter will match it. But OMG that was a good movie. here’s the deal – I am not a trekkie. I am a star wars fan, but I have only seen some of the star trek movies (the 80’s ones); I watched some Next Gen but not the later two series. So […]