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Presidential Race thoughts

I like Obama. I like Clinton. I even like McCain. I’m happy.

McCain will fight – and I don’t like war – but he will fight with practicality. He’s a real soldier, not a G.I. Joe doll like bush. Something will have to improve.

I don’t think he’s as bought and sold to the current Republican party as it is made out. He pays his dues. Try being a part of a group like that some time – at a top level – and you’ll see how much you have to bow down and pay your dues. I think he’s a pragmatist.

I think the venom against Clinton is strong. I remember going to an old person’s house and seeing some Bill Clinton expose book of innuendo they were reading. They also ranted once or twice about Clinton (the male, philandering one). I imagine some of that carries forward. I don’t know, this was anecdotal.

I would absolutely love it if Obama could go the distance. We all want him to.

The battle is going to come down to “experience” if he’s running. Which is ridiculous, because usually the president has a cabinet. The cabinet is made up of other people who also have experience. It’s not like the president makes every decision – he/she puts together a good team, like a CEO or any other kind of boss.

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  1. Danno | March 1, 2008 at 10:16 am | Permalink

    You’re last sentence is the exact frame of mind Bush voters had in 2000. They claimed that even though Bush doesn’t know much about policies, as shown in one of his interviews when he couldn’t name leaders of foreign countries, that he will have a “strong cabinet” to make sure things run smoothly. Well that was an utter disaster. What Bush voters failed to think about was that right off the bat, Bush would have to decide on a cabinet and heads of agencies. It just so happened it was his cronies, donors, and golfing buddies, and they sure made a mess of things. IMO, don’t vote for someone who would have to rely on his cabinet to get things done, but someone who would work with his cabinet to get things done.

  2. dps | March 4, 2008 at 5:20 pm | Permalink

    yes, you make a great point about the cabinet. I think McCain is far more prone to cronyism than obama in terms of cabinet appointment. I believe that all the current leading candidates have enough leadership skill to work with their cabinet and would not simply rely on their cabinet. Plus, the purportedly less experienced of them would certainly stack the deck in their favor with a competent cabinet if they had any sense.

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