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I am an inventor, entrepreneur and writer who has spent most of my life making electronic devices talk to each other. I started my first company in 1994 and have played the role of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) throughout my career. I have a computer science / engineering degree from UCLA.

Professionally, I have founded or co-founded and sold or exited a number of hardware and software technology companies. Like many serial entrepreneurs, I have many things going on at once. The best common theme I have been able to come up with recently about my companies is “digital media convergence”.

I have worked on a lot of extremely fun technology including online video games, peer-to-peer audio and video, in-vehicle computers, stereoscopic (“3D”) televisions, and video commerce. I’m also pretty handy with intellectual property and I do a bit of work in the patent space. I also like writing, and for the last few years I have found publishing as an outlet for sharing my love of technology. I try in my writing to make complex subjects simple to understand since they are, stripped of their buzzwords, usually simple.

Some of the companies I’m currently working with are:

RPX Corporation, a defensive patent aggregator.
Perceptive Development, an iPhone/iPad/mobile software and accessory company

Historically, I have worked at:

aiTV Corp, an Internet/TV convergence company.
The Walt Disney Corporation as a consultant in corporate New Technology & New Media.
StreetDeck, developers of in-car entertainment software
Robotarmy Corp, which works on hardware technology and advanced concepts, and online retailer of car PC parts and accessories, which bought my company CarBot, Inc.
Long ago, in the mid-1990s, I co-founded which became Blue Falcon Networks around the turn of the century and which which eventually became Akimbo which was euthanized in early 2008.


I co-authored iPhone Hacks (O’Reilly Media)
I wrote Mastering Internet Video (Addison-Wesley, 2004)
and Car PC Hacks (O’Reilly Media, 2005)
and Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting (Focal Press, 2006).He also writes for the technology magazines Make:
and Streaming Media Magazine.
I even wrote an article on in-car computing for Popular Science.

Communicating with me

I love email and is pretty good about responding, eventually:

Skype: robotarmy


I have had two long stints as a professional speaker, one during the rise of peer-to-peer technology, and then several years later during the rise of Internet video.